The importance of treating ankle pain early

Ankle pain usually arises from an injury, or sometimes just getting older!

Ankle pain usually arises from an injury, or sometimes just getting older! Any deterioration of joints and ligaments can lead to feelings of aggravation and discomfort in the ankle. Sometimes all it takes is wearing a pair of ill-fitted shoes. Limited mobility, poor stability or weak muscles will only compound the issues.
The ankle is one of the important joints in the human body, and should be treated as soon as you notice the pain. Treating the pain early with a trained podiatrist will allow you to be back to normal in no time, and prevent permanent damage.
Healthy ankles are critical to healthy knees and hips, and what starts as ankle pain often manifests into larger problems elsewhere in the body. Stretching them gently each day will help keep them mobile, and regular exercise will keep them strong. For those that sit down in an office during the day, try to go for a short stroll every 30-60 minutes to keep them warm and prevent stiffness.
Victorian Podiatry Group are highly trained medical professionals, and will work with you to treat and heal your ankle pain. We have clinics all over Melbourne, and can often offer same day appointments.
The right treatment may vary from providing expert advice of which footwear will best suit your feet and your lifestyle, through to a comprehensive rehabilitation program to ensure healthy, strong ligaments and joints.
If you’re unsure if you need treatment for your ankle pain, feel free to call your nearest Victorian Podiatry Group clinic and chat to a specialist for no obligation advice.