Lachlan Keith

Lachlan completed his Masters in Podiatric Medicine and Bachelor of Health Science at La Trobe University in Melbourne. After graduation, he started his own portable podiatry business in Sydney whereby he fine-tuned his practical skills whilst seeing residents at St Vincent facilities. 

Lachlan’s passion for podiatry began at an early age of fourteen following a successful rehab program after a motorbike accident. This experience left him with an appreciation for the positive impact that podiatry intervention can have on individuals quality of life. 

Lachlan is a passionately dedicated practitioners with a keen interest in lower limb biomechanics, the human gait cycle, nail surgery and treating foot pain. He places significant importance on the 1st MTP (big toe) joint function.

Lachlan is driven by the need to help improve patients’ quality of life. He is best aligned with the tissue stress theory and uses this in his diagnosis and treatment plans.