Skin and Nails

Skin and Nails


Nail Care 

There are loads of reasons people need help with their nails. It can be difficult to get down to your feet due to back injury, poor eyesight or pregnancy. Thickened nails, brittle yellow nails, ingrown nails or oddly shaped toenails are very difficult to manage at home without professional help. A podiatrist can help avoid these becoming a more serious issue.

Corns and Callouses

Podiatrists are experts in dealing with skin complications on people’s feet. They are typically caused as a response to friction and pressure. Treatment is straightforward, pain free and can be done on the first session of seeing your podiatrist.  It requires no injections and you will almost always experience immediate relief.


A callous is the hard, thickened, sometimes yellow skin on pressure areas. In severe cases, callouses can have underlying ulceration & painful cracking (typically noted in diabetics and elderly). This can lead to serious issues. These can be removed by your podiatrist pain free in your appointment. 


Corns are the nasty cousin to callouses. They present as a more focal build up of dense, thickened dead skin cells (keratinocytes.) They form a more ‘conical’ shape that presses into the deeper layers of skin. These are quite painful. They can occur in many areas of the feet, including the bottom surface of your foot, the tops of toes, between toes and under or around the nail. 

Thankfully, these are treated as easily as callouses and can be fixed in your first appointment.

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