Five tips to keep your feet healthy and happy

The Chinese believe that healthy feet are a sign of a healthy body, and we reckon they’re right! So how should you take care your feet?

Give them a good soak

Sore, tired feet? Soaking them in warm water with Epsom salts feels great. Apart from softening your skin, it also relaxes your muscles and removes tension that can lead to injury.

Look after those nails

Keep your toe nails well-trimmed will prevent ingrown toe nails and keep fungus away. If you are suffering from an ingrown nail, visit your nearest Victorian Podiatry Group clinic and a trained specialist will usually be able to treat it with just one appointment.

Wear decent shoes

During the summer we Aussies love wearing thongs, but they’re not great for our feet. For a better alternative, try and find sandals with arch support that prevent your arches from falling in. Insoles for regular shoes are a great way to keep everything aligned, come in and chat to us and we can advise what options are best for your feet.

Scrub your soles

Get a pumice stone or foot file and use it to get rid of the hard skin on your soles. We recommend that you first dampen your feet. If you don’t, you might cause unwanted cracks and irritations.

Slip, slop slap

Any part of your skin that’s exposed to the sun should be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays – this applies to your feet too. The tops of feet are one of the most common areas for skin cancer. Make sure you apply sun block if you’re out in the sun.